Instagram is one of the biggest social networks of today and the main focus of the platform is to bring entertainment to the public and this is guaranteed through the thousands of content creators that are present in the Facebook application.

There are so many subjects and segments present on Instagram that the platform, in its origin, made the hashtags available (keywords) for the owner of the publication to define what that post is about.


Tags are also great for users to find the posts. That's why Instagram allows you to follow hashtags and a lot of people don't know that. This process makes it much easier for those who follow specific issues.

For example, a tech lover won't be able to follow every profile that talks about the topic on the social network, but can follow the hashtag and see the main posts about the topic that have tagged the tag.

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See how to follow a hashtag on Instagram

1 – Open the social network app that is available for Android e iOS;

2 – Select the magnifying glass button at the bottom of the screen;

Instagram Print

3 – Then click on the search field and look for the hashtag you want, for example “#technology”;

Instagram Print

4 – You can also select the option tags, so you can see all the ones that cover the described keyword;

Instagram Print

5 – Click on the one you are most interested in and to follow the posts, select “Follow”;

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6 – Whenever you browse your feed, posts of the following hashtag will appear. You can follow as many tags as you want and, if you get tired of any subject, just unfollow.

Ready! Now you know how to follow hashtags on Instagram to keep up with your favorite topics.

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