The Covid-19 pandemic forced many people to spend more time indoors – and for some of them, this change has proven positive. As several companies realized that the home office did not harm productivity, more people could choose to work from home, and thus avoid the traffic jams in the city or even move to more remote regions and live in bigger or more comfortable houses - and paying less. 

An index that points to this change in behavior is the number of fixed broadband accesses registered by Anatel, which went from 33,2 million in March 2020, the period in which the quarantine began in Brazil, to 36,3 million in March 2021 And by spending more time at home, people also want to make their home a more pleasant, comfortable, safer and, why not, smarter environment. 

Making your home smart, for many, may seem unrealistic, either because the devices are expensive or because they require complicated installation. However, Intelbras wants to demystify the Internet of Things (IoT) and help consumers transform their homes into smart homes, with affordable and easy-to-use technological solutions that ensure fully integrated and versatile environments. 

Izy line it is made up of the most different intelligent products, which are integrated in a single application, Izy Smart, allowing remote access, programming of scenarios and voice commands, using smartphone or Alexa and Google Assistant virtual assistants. Thus, it is possible to adjust the lighting, turn on appliances, activate curtains and gates, control access with locks and video intercoms or even turn any TV into Smart. 

Home automation
Home automation. Credits: Intelbras

If you want to make your home smart right now, the fastest and most affordable product is smart lamp, as you can easily buy it for less than a hundred reais, and replace a traditional light bulb in your house. With an intelligent lamp you will see how comfortable it is to carry out voice commands, choose among 16 million color options, one for each moment, and even perform remote activation or by programming, providing more safety to the environment.  

The advantage of the Izy family is scalable, is that you can buy a lamp or product at a time according to your need, or even with each new release, making your home even smarter. 

Another very simple way to automate various functions in your home is to insert, next to the traditional switch you already have, a smart controller. With this item, you can activate the ambient lighting through the switch, program the time when the environment will be on or off, carry out commands through the application or by voice, and even configure usage scenarios, linked to other smart products. 

An example is, if you also have the Izy Connect (smart universal control), and one of the locks from the Izy line, it is possible to program that when you are going out the door, all the lighting in the house will be turned off as well as the air conditioning, it is scenes like this that make your house really smart. The Izy line still has cameras of security with night vision, sensors of opening and movement that can detect the opening of doors and windows and send alerts to your smartphone. 

 “In addition to lighting and security items, Intelbras offers a wide range of products for the smart home, such as Izy Play, an HDMI device that turns any TV into a smart, enabling the device to access the internet and intelligent functions via voice commands, as well as applications such as Netflix and YouTube. or the smart connector, plug and play, this item makes any electro smart. So if you use the connector with your coffee maker, you can program it to make coffee even before the alarm goes off. With the Izy Intelbras line your smart home will make your life more practical, comfortable and safe, using just one application”. explains Renata Voges, Intelbras Home Office Energy Manager. 

To ensure that all smart home devices are connected to your internet, you need to pay attention to the quality of the Wi-Fi network. So the solution may be the router Twibi Giga+ by Intelbras, which has Mesh technology, which guarantees connection with higher quality, allowing the connection of up to 60 devices. Furthermore, Twibi has the IoT Wizard function that makes it even easier to configure the smart devices on your network. 

“The digital transformation further boosts the advancement of IoT in Brazil. The smart home is much more affordable, with easy-to-use products that provide more security and convenience. We can interact with devices via smartphone, voice command, scheduling and also creating scenarios for automatic triggering. Everything is done by the user, in a very intuitive way”, assesses Fabio Sebastiani, Energy Director at Intelbras. 

Most intelligent products are simple to install, but some of them may need the help of a professional, who can help you choose the products to be used according to your expected use, as well as installation.  

To learn more, visit Intelbras' Smart Home hotsite