Auxílio Brasil, the new social program of the federal government which replaces Bolsa Família, starts to be paid this Wednesday (17th). The program must be paid to about 14,6 million people who were part of the extinct Family Bag.

The federal government still hopes to take the program to another 2,4 million by December this year, totaling 17 million families assisted. However, even increasing the number of families assisted, many Brazilians will be left helpless.


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This is because Brazil Aid appears as a way to replace Bolsa Família, but many people helped with Emergency Aid (which started because of the Covid-19 pandemic and ended in October) will not be covered by the new benefit.

According to Ministry of Citizenship, 34,4 million families received Emergency Aid in October, of which 25 million are not beneficiaries of Bolsa Família and will not receive financial aid from the federal government at first.

Auxílio Brasil logo displayed on a cell phone screen
Who will be the beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil? Image: Rapapress/Shutterstock

After the inclusion of over 2,4 million beneficiaries by the end of 2021, around 22,6 million Brazilians will not receive any financial assistance.

Who will receive the new Brazil Aid?

The new program created by the government of Jair Bolsonaro (no party), will be paid to all Bolsa Família beneficiaries automatically. Those people who are registered in CadÚnico and have not received Bolsa Família should be placed on the waiting list to receive the benefit as they expand.

Citizens not registered in the Cadastro Único must look for the Cras in their city to register and, soon, if they meet the program's rules, they may benefit from the payment of federal aid.

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