Who has never heard a great song but had no idea what its name is? This is much more common than it sounds and can happen in car by app, in a ballad, in a restaurant, or even in the doctor's waiting room.

There are also those moments when you can only remember small parts of a song and you can't sing it through. These are situations that cause real agony, because the song it's hammering in the head and it doesn't come out until we remember it all.


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What a lot of people don't know is that the Google app can be a great help at these times. Just open the app and hum a part of the song, or record a piece of the song that is playing and it will help you in your search for the song.


The function is only available on the Google app that is in the app stores on the Android e iOS. The web version of the browser is not able to identify songs.

See how to use Google to find the song that's playing

1 – Open the Google application and click on the microphone option;

Google App Print

2 – Then, select the option “Search a song”;

Google App Print

3 – The next step is to record or hum the song in question;

Google App Print

4 – Check if the Google search matches the song you were imagining and take the opportunity to save the name of the song. If the browser was wrong, click "Try again".

Google App Print

Ready! Now you know how to use the Google app to search for songs you don't know the name.

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