Black Friday is a period full of discounts and promotions and, if used well, it can save the consumer a good deal of money. However, as the saying goes: if the alms are too much, the saint is suspicious. Therefore, it is to be expected that all this search for produtos be accompanied by scammers who try to deceive those who are buying. To avoid falling into this trap, see some tips on how to avoid falling into scams on Black Friday.

This super sale started in the United States, but in recent years it has been gaining more and more strength in Brazil. Around here, it happens next Friday (26) and many sites are already offering pre-black friday offers. At special page of Olhar Digital you can check out many of them and also keep an eye on everything that's going to happen during the day. 


According to data from Clearsale, in 2020, fraud attempts in virtual purchases in Brazil they increased by 53,6% compared to 2019. This was driven by the growth of e-commerce with the Covid-19 pandemic and the closing of trade in part of the year. The expectation is that this year this number will remain high.

How not to fall for scams on Black Friday?

To avoid falling for Black Friday scams it is very important to stay tuned where the promotion is coming from. It is common for criminals at this time to start sharing malicious links on WhatsApp with supposed promotions. It's important to be careful when clicking and if you're not sure the page is safe, it's best not to open it. It is always worth keeping an eye on the URL.

Beware of the origin of the offer

Adriano Volpini, director of the Executive Committee for Fraud Prevention at FEBRABAN (Brazilian Federation of Banks), explains that consumers must take extra care when shopping. According to the expert, “at this time of year, criminals are approaching with fake pages that simulate e-commerce; fake promotions sent by emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages and the creation of fake profiles that invest in media to appear on pages and stories of social networks”.

Prefer well-known stores and sites

Also, when shopping, give preference to well-known sites and stores, view customer reviews, and look at the company's reputation before purchasing products. Many fake stores appear during this period just to deceive consumers, so be careful where you go shopping.

See also other features

A survey of the RD Station Marketing using its monitoring tool, it concluded that the sending of emails with promotions should grow 29% in 2021, with most of them being sent on Black Friday. The portal uses a registered base of 30 contacts to carry out the analysis.

Also beware of Google's sponsored search results. Scammers pay to have their pages appear in the sponsored links section and, even with Google's moderation, often manage to get through. So, the orientation is valid and look at the store's history.

Black Friday
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be careful with your information

Be smart when entering your data. This part is very important as criminals may try to steal your credit card data. A tip here is to try to use online shopping cards, which are often provided by banking applications and only work for a short period of time, making it difficult for this information to be used by crooks.

Many shopping sites also allow payment via bank slip. In this case, when finalizing the transaction, it is important to pay attention to the name of the beneficiary company that appears at the time of payment. If it is different from where you made the purchase, the purchase must be discontinued. 

It is noteworthy that the purpose of Black Friday differs in Brazil compared to the original date created in the United States. There, the event works as a stock-out in stores before Christmas. In Brazil, Black Friday ends up extending for weeks. To not miss anything, check out the special page of Olhar Digital about the event.

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