So far, 117 cases of a skin disease, hitherto unknown, were notified in Recife, capital of Pernambuco. At least 16 districts of the County were affected. The pictures are of skin lesions, mainly trunk and arms, and itch.

“It is important to highlight that, until now, there has been no record of aggravation associated with the appearance of skin lesions in patients”, said the municipal health department of Recife. In addition to the capital, the city of Camaragibe registered 62 cases of the skin disease.


Mysterious Skin Disease

Of the cases in Recife, more than 80% of the cases are concentrated in the Dois Irmãos and Guabiraba neighborhoods. Authorities ask that patients who have symptoms seek a health facility to confirm the cause of the condition.

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The notification of the first cases of the skin disease took place on October 1st with five children from Córrego da Fortuna and Sítio dos Macacos, in the North Zone of the city. The city's health surveillance authorities issued an epidemiological alert so that health units and public and private networks immediately notify new cases of injuries that remain unexplained.

The Health Secretary of Recife stated, in a note, that it is seeking to clarify the reason for the injuries and that "it has been discussing the cases with the clinical team and that epidemiological, entomological and laboratory investigations are underway".

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