For now, it is another letter of intent: Embraer and the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Center (Koninklijk Nederlands Lucht-en Ruimtevaartcentrum) have signed a memorandum of understanding, in which they state that should establish a partnership in the research and development of new technologies.

The center, despite its name, is not part of the Dutch military or government, but a non-profit entity with 25% state funding. The “Real” was an honorary title that the center received when celebrating 100 years.


Among the possibilities mentioned are the developments of the E-Jet family, the medium-sized passenger planes common in airports in Brazil and also the C-390 Millenium military transport, both international hits.

The companies cite their historic partnership in new materials, software, wind tunnel testing and, perhaps most crucially, the development of sustainable technologies. If electric planes can bring back the propeller for shorter range flights (one of Embraer's specialties), one of the biggest challenges in aviation is precisely to find replacements for fossil fuels in large jets.

Embraer: partnership abroad, there is a setback at home

Jackson Schneider, CEO of Embraer Defense & Security, said: “Embraer and NLR have a long history of collaboration, with each party contributing the specific expertise needed to conduct complex research and development to be applied in advanced technologies and innovative products. This memo is another important step in our long-term relationship in the Netherlands and reiterates our commitment to further strengthen our partnership with NLR in a dynamic aerospace ecosystem.”

“In fact, Embraer and Royal NLR have had a long relationship and we are happy to further strengthen and extend that relationship through this memorandum,” said Michel Peters, CEO of the Aerospace Center. “This partnership is an opportunity for both parties to work on shared challenges, identify common interests and develop innovative approaches and methods to address global aviation issues. The increased cooperation between Embraer and Royal NLR is welcome, and I look forward to seeing mutual benefits.”

Embraer recently had a setback at home with the partial cancellation of the Buying C-390 Models by FAB. The expectation was, of course, to sell well at home and Embraer filed a lawsuit against the Brazilian military.

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