Covid-19's situation in Europe continues to deteriorate and projections for World Health Organization (WHO) are Alarming. The agency states that 25 countries on the continent are at risk of running out of hospital beds and still more than 700 deaths from the disease by March 2022, which should raise the total number of deaths in the region to something in the range of 1,5 to 2 million .

“To live with this virus and continue with our daily lives, we need to go beyond the vaccine. This means receiving standard doses [of the vaccine] and a booster if necessary, but also incorporating preventive measures into our routines,” said WHO Europe regional director Hans Kluge in an announcement released on Tuesday 23. 


WHO predicts that 49 countries in Europe and Central Asia are at risk of an extreme burden on the hospital system, which could further increase deaths from Covid-19. Therefore, the director points out that the use of masks and social distancing is still necessary. 

“In this context, a booster dose should be given to all those who are most vulnerable, giving priority to the immunocompromised. Depending on the national context of availability of doses and the situation of the epidemic, countries should also consider administering it to people over 60 and workers in the health sector”, adds Kluge. About 53% of the entire population of the continent is with the complete vaccination schedule, a number considered low.

Covid-19 in Europe

The assistant director general for access to medicines and pharmaceuticals at the World Health Organization (WHO), Brazilian Mariângela Simão, also spoke on tuesday and said the world is experiencing the fourth wave of Covid-19.

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“We are seeing a resurgence of Covid-19 cases in Europe. In the last 24 hours, we had more than 440 thousand new confirmed cases. That's what there is underreporting on several continents. The world is entering a fourth wave, but the regions have had a different behavior in relation to the pandemic”, he explained. 

According to her, the virus continues to evolve with more transmissible variants, but with vaccination there was a dissociation between cases and deaths, because vaccination has reduced deaths resulting from Covid-19. She recalled that immunization reduces hospitalizations but does not interrupt transmission.

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