The Fairphone 2 – sustainable smartphone that allows replacement of modular parts – received an update for Android 10. O operational system arrives on the device six years after its launch and is initially in beta. According to Fairphone, most users will receive the OS in the first half of 2022.

The update of Fairphone 2 for an Android considered recent is quite a feat for the company, considering that many models from major manufacturers such as Asus, Motorola and Samsung do not have an update life as long as your smartphone. The feat, even, can be considered unprecedented among the Android segment and only Apple comes close to this support period – in 2021, for example, the iPhone 6S (which is also from 2015) also received an update for iOS 15.

Fairphone 2 – 2015 modular smartphone – receives update for Android 10. Image: Fairphone/Publishing

Update is not common on Android

According to Fairphone, one of the biggest challenges for this type of update is to adapt the device's chipset to the new operating system. Originally released with Android 5.1, Fairphone 2 uses a 2.26GHz Qualcom quadcore processor that, in theory, should not be compatible with newer versions of Android, as it was only in 2020 that Qualcomm and Google signed a deal to expand life usefulness of your processors. Currently, the average update for a company chipset is three updates, somewhere around three to four years of use.

Other manufacturers, such as Samsung, however, are trying to extend the life of their devices compared to the competition and already guarantee at least four years of updates – even on devices with Snapdragon – in addition to up to five years of security updates. Google itself also intends to expand the life of its Pixel devices with the new generation of Tensor processors.

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Half of the world's smartphones are below Android 10

The achievement achieved by Fairphone is even more enviable when compared to the average of updates offered by other manufacturers. In a recent Google survey, it was found that more than half of the world's Android smartphones does not have the latest system versions.

According to Google, about 26% of Android devices in the world have version 10 – the Android Q installed. Another 24%, however, use Android 11 – the R version – launched in September 2022, while the rest of the user base uses systems considered obsolete, such as Android Pie, Oreo and Nougat.

Fairphone has also stated that it intends to release other updates for its products soon. The Fairphone 3 – released in 2019 – is expected to receive updates for Android 11 in the coming months.

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