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About Us

O Olhar Digital was born as a television program in February 2005. Aired by Rede TV! on a national network, we were pioneers and innovators when talking about technology for the broad audience of open television.

With accessible language and new themes, we have become a reference at all levels. Always at the forefront, we innovate by bringing videos to computer screens, with broadcast and professional standards. We were proud to be the main technology portal in the country, as well as the main social network on technology in the world. We have gained the recognition of Facebook as a Success Case, and we continue our journey innovating and creating trends. Our mission is to bring quality information about the world of technology to as many people as possible, using all distribution platforms. We understand that, in the 21st century, being part of this universe is a basic need.

We are a national company, the result of the efforts of journalists, television professionals and technology professionals. We are present on open television, by Rede Tv !; on pay-TV, on the Sony and AXN channels; on the Internet, with the olhadigital.com.br portal; on the radio, with daily newsletters on Band News FM. Through the Internet, our content is accessed in more than one hundred countries, with an emphasis on the markets of the United States, Japan and Portugal.