Terms of Use and Privacy


The distribution and execution of the videos of the Olhar Digital, provided that in full, without additional editions, in classrooms and private presentations. IT IS expressly prohibited the use of videos from Olhar Digital for commercial purposes, as well as showing on other TV channels - whether online or offline. For use of our videos on other websites, it is mandatory the use of our embed code (to acquire the code for each video, just click on the “Embed” button, below each player). Videos posted on YouTube or other hosting sites can be briefly deleted by our team.


  • The reproduction of our texts in full is Forbidden, even if the source is cited.
  • However, reproduction partial it is allowed as long as only the first paragraph of each text is copied, and the source is cited with the material.

Commitments OLHAR DIGITAL with internet users and website users Olhar Digital

O Olhar Digital undertakes to:

  • Do not disclose without prior authorization, under any circumstances, the e-mail address of the user who registers on pages that require filling in personal data - such as pages of Postcards, Forum, Virtual Friends, Public E-mail List and other services
  • Do not reveal, without prior authorization, the Internet user's email to other companies under any circumstances
  • Do not send messages to the Internet user's e-mail, unless the user has requested
  • Enable Internet users to cancel, at any time, the sending of information material by email previously requested
  • Preserve the internet user's identity, maintaining confidentiality while browsing the pages of the OLHAR DIGITAL. To this end, the user must commit to respect the safety rules above, as well as the specific rules of each service.
  • Keep the internet user's credit card number in strict confidence
  • Use cookies (information sent by the servers of the OLHAR DIGITAL to the user's computer, to identify him) only for internal audience and navigation control and never to control internet user preferences, except when he disrespects any of the security rules listed above or specific to each service. You do not need to accept cookies.

O Olhar Digital will not allow:

  • Any use of our content for illegal purposes
  • Broadcast or disseminate threats, child pornography, racist material or any other that violates the legislation in force in the country through our social media mechanisms
  • Propagating computer viruses, invasive programs (worms) or other forms of computer programs, self-replicating or not, which cause permanent or temporary damage to the recipient's equipment
  • Destroy or corrupt other users' data and information
  • Violating the privacy of other users
  • Violating copyright or other people's copyright by reproducing material without prior authorization OLHAR DIGITAL.