Scientists have identified a new dinosaur genus by analyzing a fossil jaw discovered in Spain. At approximately 8 m tall, the reptile would look like the Iguanodon, and would be the size of a truck. The discovery was disclosed this Wednesday (7), through an article published in the journal PLOS ONE. 

Portellsaurus sosbaynati, newly discovered through a mandible unearthed in 1998 in Spain. Image: Santos-Cubedo et al, 2021, PLOS ONE

Portellsaurus sosbaynati was a herbivorous dinosaur of the Ornithischia family (ornithopods), having a very close connection with species whose fossils were recently found in China and China. Niga © ria.


According to the article, the fossil used in the research was originally discovered by a trio of scientists in 1998, in an excavation carried out at the “Mas de Curolles-II” site, in Portell de Morella, municipality in the province of Castelló.

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About 25 species of dinosaurs have been discovered in Spain

According to the Spanish website La Vanguardia, with this one, there are already about 25 species of dinosaurs discovered in the country. The research team says that identifying Portellsaurus as a unique species (named after the region in which it was discovered) provides crucial insight into the evolution of hadrosaurids in the Cretaceous period.

Hadrosaurids are a family of herbivorous dinosaurs, ornithopods, endowed with three toes, usually bipedal and of large or medium size, which stand out for their flat jaws, similar in shape to a duck's beak and a pelvic structure superficially similar to that of birds.

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